Xu Wang was graduated from the Design Department of GuangZhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1979. He came to Hong Kong in 1986 and had been working as a graphic designer until 1995 when he went back to Guangzhou and founded the Xu Wang & Associates Limited. Wang’s design firm has been in ally with Studio Dumbar in Holland and Garry Emery Design (now Emery Studio) in Australia since 1999. He set up his Beijing office in 2000. Wang is member of the New York Art Directros Club and Alliance Graphique Internationale. He is professor of Hunan University,guest professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, design director of Guangdong Museum of Art. In 2000 he was invited to be the Visual Committee member of Beijing’s Bid for the 2008 Olympics and jury member of the Logo Competition for Beijing’ Bid for the 2008 Olympics.

Xu Wang has received more than 100 international design awards. Wang has edited and designed more than 80 design books and magazines and has been featured in various publications, such as Idea (1993), High Quality (1997), AIGA Journal of Graphic Design (1999 Vol.17, No.1), International Professional Scene 90 (Phaidon Press, 2002), Area (Phaidon,2003) and World Graphic Design (Merrill Publishers, 2003). Two of his more than 80 design books and magazines are ‘The New Addition of Design Exchange” and “The Growing Process of Design Masters Worldwide”. Both had a profound influence on contemporary graphic design in China.


Xu Wang has been engaged in graphic design for over 20 years and is described as ‘a forerunner in graphic design in China’ in the exhibition catalogue accompanying the touring show, ‘Made in China: Contemporary Chinese Design’ which was organised by the Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK and partly funded by Visiting Arts, UK. A small-scale touring exhibiton which was put together to challenge the strong ´Made in China´ stereotype of poor quality badly designed mass produced products and explained how design is used to promote, sell or show the affluence of Chinese companies. It toured products by mainland Chinese designers which are beautifully crafted and skillfully designed.


This poster is quite Chinese style. Wang used some effect like ink to design this poster.


“when the well is dry we know the worth of water”

Wang used a water drop in the middle of this poster is quite match the topic of that tone of voice above.



Xu Wang, Nagasaki, poster series for 60th Anniversary of Atomic Bombing poster invitation exhibition, 2005
Looking for a new expressive quailty of graphics by linking the script and calligraphy.
The characters “Nagasaki”, with important parts of the strokes missing, symbolizing the ruins of the city.


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